April 14, 2024
5 mins

📝 Never stop sketching

Innovative with creative new concepts, the world of design is constantly developing and evolving - and with it exciting new tools with handy new features. While it’s tempting to try out the latest new device, it is important to remember that the best tool at your disposal is a trusty pen/pencil and paper or anything else that allows you to draw freehand such as an iPencil and iPad. Many see drawing as physical exercise for your hand, but it is also an excellent workout for the brain. Not only does it strengthen and actively engage both sides, the left for logical thinking and the right for creativity, but it also develops strategic thinking and strengthens focus. Freehand drawing also unlocks various neurological and physiological benefits, helping the brain create new pathways, build new connections, and release the famous happy chemical - endorphins.


Sketching for health


You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would compare drawing with sports - but did you know that the art of sketching provides many benefits for your health, much in the same way as exercise?


Whether you are a meticulous perfectionist, or mindlessly doodling away, here are just some of the reasons why you should never stop sketching:


  1. Enhances creativity


Research has shown that engaging in drawing contributes to the development of problem-solving skills, utilizing critical thinking comparable to mathematics. In fact, studies from the Center of National Biotechnology Information have shown how drawing directly impacts our thinking, encouraging open-ended thought, which leads to the production of new insights and, therefore, increased creativity.



  1.  Strengthens cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination


Drawing requires the active use and unison of both sides of the brain - the left for logic and the right for creativity. This helps the brain build new neurological connections and pathways, resulting in an increased ability to focus as well as the development of strategic thinking - two skills that are incredibly useful in daily life.








  1. Improves holistic health


Like all other forms of art, sketching aids in rest and relaxation, relieving stress and building confidence and self-esteem through your work. As you practice, your work will only become better and better, boosting your confidence and providing you with a sense of achievement and pride that you can carry and use in other aspects of your life.



  1. Develops communication skills


Art is a language all on its own, communicating feelings and expressions via pictorial representations, symbols, notations, and lines. With practice, sketching allows you to learn this visual language, providing a better understanding of emotions while improving essential decision-making skills.



  1. Helps coordination


We all know that sports develop hand-eye coordination, but did you know that sketching is just as good? Essential for reacting, initiating action, and anticipating movements, well-developed hand-eye coordination skills are vital to complete and make everyday tasks easier. Sketching is perfect for this as it relies on your eyes to make the connection with your hand, guiding the movement to achieve accurate results while also improving fine motor skills.



  1. Boosts productivity


Not only does drawing have excellent physical and neurological benefits, but it can also improve mood, helping to foster positive thinking and boost productivity. Unlike other hobbies and pastimes, sketching also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cost and is cheap and easy to make - making it the perfect activity for everyone.