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My Role
Lead Visual Designer
Product Designer
Aug 2018 - Feb 2019


Western Digital is a hybrid storage company providing local storage hardware as well as a cloud solution for remote access and data redundancy, with software and hardware teams working together to identify the problem space and product directions. Storage-related functions are similar among all products: backup, access, sync, share, etc. But the real magic happens when we really get to know our users, customizing our products for their specific needs.

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It is challenging to organize and consume photos and videos.

Proposed solution

We will build an easier way for users to find and enjoy their photos and videos.


1. Ability to find stuff.

2. Social delight and sharing memories. 

Target users

Modern Protection Seeker
“I feel like I do the best I can to keep my content safe, and then everything else is out of my control.”

• Mostly hard drive storage

• Not easily accessible

• Primitive organization system

• Minimal cloud storage

Connected Real-Time Enthusiast
"I’m not organized, but I’ll just search through the years it happened in..." If asked to find a photo, would just go to Facebook or one of my websites it’s already posted on.

• Cloud storage user

• Easily accessible

• Not organized, will take a while to find things

• Owns some USB storage

Ideation & design

The design leverages an already existing design system that presents files in the list and thumbnail view -therefore, some of the components are already in place. I created the low-fidelity flows to figure out how the storage will work.

Research & analysis

Users were interviewed, and research was conducted to show a competitive review of photo storage apps, triggering the creation of auto-albums tested within a group to identify the best design for our particular audience.

Final Design


The albums have a search feature incorporated into the experience, allowing users to search or browse via tags or location.

Prototype of the Albums experience

This prototype covers auto-album discovery, browsing content by tags, and the ability to delete similar photos.

Design System

I also worked on the visual design system for NAS storage. This system was used on the My Cloud Home product line.